“You've probably heard people talk about conservation. Well, conservation isn't just the business of a few people. It's a matter that concerns all of us. It's a science whose principles are written in the oldest code in the world, the laws of nature. The natural resources of our vast continent are not inexhaustible. But if we will use our riches wisely, if we will protect our wildlife and preserve our lakes and streams, these things will last us for generations to come." -- Walt Disney, 1950

Shanghai Disney Resort showcases new technologies and business practices to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment and to raise awareness of the importance of promoting conservation and sustainable development.

Corporate Environmental Policy

Corporate Environmental Policy

The Walt Disney Company seeks to act responsibly as a global citizen and an environmental steward. In doing so, the company is committed to using resources wisely and protecting the planet as we operate and grow our business. Disney also strives to immerse kids and families in the magic of the natural world to help develop lifelong conservation values through entertaining and engaging experiences.

Specifically, The Walt Disney Company aims to attain a “zero” state of net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste, and to conserve water resources. The company seeks to identify, measure and understand the direct and indirect impact of its operations and develop innovative and realistic solutions for mitigating those impacts. It also complies with, and in many cases exceeds, local environmental laws and regulations.

Finally, the company is committed to accountability by regularly reporting its progress in implementing the policies and achieving the targets that it has established.

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